TopSecret for Palm OS

TopSecret for Palm OS allows you to create and edit/view your data on any Palm OS device. Use it to store passwords, credit card information, web account logins/passwords, and other personal data. An encryption algorithm with 128 bit keys keeps it safe.

Features of TopSecret for Palm OS

Palm OS 3.1 - 5.0 support.
Option to hide password on entry.
Any open records automatically close after password timeout is reached.
Password automatically times out on power-off.
The scroll buttons on the device scrolls a full page at a time.


TopSecret has the option to hide password on entry.

To enter the TopSecret application, you need to enter a password. This password protects your data, and will be the only password you need to remember. This password is set the first time you enter TopSecret. It can be changed at any time using the "Preferences" screen.

Personal data is stored in categories. Categories can be edited and added as needed. Up to 15 categories can be created.

Individual records are viewed or modified in the edit view. Records can be deleted by tapping "Details". The font can be changed for easy viewing by tapping on the "A's".

 TopSecret includes various menu options. Tapping on "View Encrypted Data" displays the data as shown in the next screen shot.

By viewing encrypted data, you can see the data as it is actually stored.

The preferences screen allows you to change your TopSecret password and determine the password timeout.

Evaluate TopSecret for 7 days. Licensing of the handheld software is tied to the license of the desktop software. Upon purchase of TopSecret, enter the license code on the desktop software and, after the next synchronization, the license is transferred to the handheld software.