TopSecret Desktop

TopSecret desktop allows you to create and edit/view your data on the desktop computer. Use it to store passwords, credit card information, web account logins/passwords, and other personal data. An encryption algorithm with 128 bit keys keeps it safe.

TopSecret Desktop Features

File Import/Export.
Change the TopSecret password on the PC.
Supports synchronization with multiple desktops (home/office).
Windows help.
Categories can be created and edited on the desktop.
Full Print capabilities on the desktop software.
Any open records automatically close after password timeout is reached.
TopSecret Desktop supports multiple users.
Record count displayed for each viewed category.

A trial version of TopSecret can be downloaded and evaluated for a period of seven days. Upon purchase of TopSecret, a registration code will be provided to unlock the software. Download your evaluation copy now to try it out.


TopSecret now has toolbars for ease of use.

Personal data is stored in categories. Categories can be edited and added as needed. Up to 15 categories can be created.Categories can be created on both the handheld and desktop software.

The number of items in the current view is shown at the bottom of the list view.


 The Security Password protects your data. This password is set the first time you enter the TopSecret Application. This password is the same on the handheld and the desktop.

Individual records are viewed or modified in the edit view. Full cut/copy/paste functions are provided.


TopSecret desktop software supports printing. There are three printing options available. 'Viewed category' will print all items in that category. 'Records from' will allow you to print numbered items. 'Selection' will print the currently selected record. Full support for all printer types is provided.


TopSecret allows editing of categories on the desktop in addition to the handheld.