TopSecret - User Guide

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In today's world, you probably have dozens of passwords, and remembering them can be a challenge. TopSecret for the Palm Computing Platform provides encrypted storage for all your passwords and other sensitive information. TopSecret keeps all your sensitive data safe. Use it to store passwords, credit card information, web account logins/passwords and other personal data. An encryption algorithm with 128 bit encryption keys keeps it safe. TopSecret includes the desktop application, the handheld application for the Palm Computing Platform, and a synchronizing conduit providing 2-way synchronization between the desktop and handheld. TopSecret Mobile is the handheld application, providing mobile access to your sensitive data. TopSecret Desktop is the desktop application for viewing and editing your data on a Windows NT, Windows 95, or Windows 98 computer.

Installation Requirements

TopSecret requires the following:

  • A desktop computer running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME
  • Palm Desktop software version 3.0 or later, available as a free upgrade from Palm:
  • Any Palm Computing Platform device running Palm OS 3.1 or later.

Unfortunately, TopSecret is not available for MacOS


Installing TopSecret

The installation procedure is described in the following points:

  • An automated installation program for TopSecret is included in the archive obtained when you downloaded the software. To unzip the archive, double click on the file in the Windows explorer. You must have WinZip installed to unzip the archive. You can obtain WinZip from
  • After extracting the files from the archive, double-click on the Install.exe file. It will be located in the same directory as this manual.
  • An automated installation procedure will guide you through the rest of the process.
  • During the installation process, you will be instructed to insert your organizer in the cradle and push the HotSync button. This will install the TopSecret Mobile (handheld) application to your device. Periodically, please visit to ensure you have the latest version of TopSecret.



Removing TopSecret


If for some reason you are not satisfied with TopSecret and choose to remove it, simply start the Windows Control Panel, select "Add/Remove Programs" and select "TopSecret Desktop".  After the uninstall is complete, remove (delete) the file "ScrtsHS.dll" located in the same directory as the HotSync.exe executable. This is usually located in the directory "C:\Palm" or "C:\Pilot". Finally, restart the HotSync manager.


Using TopSecret Desktop

To start TopSecret Desktop, use the Windows "Start" menu. You should find a selection for TopSecret Desktop in the "Programs" section of the "Start" menu. During startup, the license status of TopSecret Desktop will be displayed briefly on the screen. A trial version of the software is initially installed for your evaluation of the software prior to purchase. Please refer to the "Licensing TopSecret" section for instructions on licensing the software.

The following screen shots provide a brief description of the operation of the desktop software.



New Feature

TopSecret Version 2.0 now has toolbars for ease of use.

The List View (shown at left) provides a list of all TopSecret records. To view/edit a record, double-click on the record.

To create a new TopSecret record, select "New".

TopSecret records are stored in categories. Categories can be edited and added as needed. Up to 15 categories can be created.

To change users, select the "TopSecret User" combo box and select the appropriate user. The TopSecret users are the same as the Palm Desktop software users.

To hide records from appearing in this list, set the record to 'Private' on the handheld, and select 'View-->Hide Private Records' from the View pull-down menu of the desktop software.

New Feature

The number of items in the current view is shown at the bottom of the list view.



The Security Password protects your data. This password is set the first time you enter the TopSecret application either on the handheld or the desktop software. The passwords for TopSecret Desktop and TopSecret Mobile are the same.

This single password applies to all records stored and is also used to determine the encryption key for all records.


Individual records are viewed or modified in the edit view. Full cut/copy/paste functions are provided.

Enter the title of the record in the "Title" field (bold type).

Enter the contents of the record in the "Edit" field.

Select the category using the "Category" drop-down list.


 New Feature

TopSecret Version 2.0 now allows editing of categories on the desktop in addition to the handheld.

 New Feature

TopSecret Version 2.0 now supports printing. There are three printing options available. 'Viewed category' will print all items in that category. 'Records from' will allow you to print numbered items. 'Selection' will print the currently selected record. Full support for all printer types is provided.



The TopSecret Security Password will time out after the timeout interval has elapsed. This is done to ensure security of your data should you walk away from the desktop computer. After the timeout has occurred, you must re-enter your password to access any TopSecret records. The timeout value is configurable in the "Preferences" dialog.



Configuring the TopSecret Conduit

Included with the TopSecret Desktop software is a two-way synchronizing conduit. The following table explains the configuration of the conduit.


After installation, the TopSecret conduit should appear in the list of conduits configured. To access this list, right-click on the HotSync icon in the Windows task bar (lower right corner of screen) and select "Custom...".
The action taken during a HotSync can be changed as shown at left.



The TopSecret synchronizing conduit provides a backup of all TopSecret data on the handheld to the desktop computer. Data is backed up to the file "TopScrt.dat" located in the Palm user's home directory. ( i.e. - C:\Palm\ ... \TopScrt\TopScrt.dat" ). All data is stored in an encrypted form. The TopSecret Security Password is used to encrypt the data. The password can only be changed on the handheld device. Synchronization of data between the desktop and the handheld can only occur if the encryption passwords are the same on both. If this is not the case, a warning will be displayed in the HotSync log. This is done for security reasons. Instructions for resolving this are given in the HotSync log.

Purchasing TopSecret

When you install TopSecret, it will install three software components. TopSecret Desktop software will be installed and accessible from the Windows 'Start' menu. TopSecret Mobile will be installed to your Palm Computing Platform organizer during your next HotSync action. Finally, a synchronizing conduit will be installed. Both TopSecret Desktop and TopSecret Mobile are provided as trial software and have a trial period set. During the trial period, the software is fully functional, except that both will timeout after the trial period expires. We encourage you to fully evaluate this software and ensure you are satisfied prior to purchase.

If you are using the trial version of TopSecret and would like to purchase a licensed copy, please visit On our home page, you will find links to resellers that sell TopSecret. Upon purchase of TopSecret, you will be provided with a license code. To enter the license code, start TopSecret Desktop. If your trial period has expired, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following:


   Enter the registration code and click "OK". The license status will change from "EXPIRED" to "LICENSED". If you have difficulty, please e-mail us at and include your Serial Number, License Status, and Evaluation Days Left.

 During the evaluation period, you will see this screen each time you start TopSecret Mobile on the handheld. Simply press 'OK' and continue. The software is fully functional and your use of it is only limited by the evaluation period.

 At the end of the evaluation period, this screen will appear whenever you attempt to start TopSecret Mobile on the handheld. The handheld software, TopSecret Mobile, will be unlocked when the desktop software, TopSecret Desktop, is unlocked. To unlock the software, purchase a license for TopSecret, enter the license code into TopSecret Desktop on the PC, ensure license status changes to 'LICENSED', and then HotSync with your Palm Computing Platform organizer. This license screen will no longer appear.


Once the license code is entered into the TopSecret Desktop component as described above, the synchronizing conduit will automatically unlock the TopSecret Mobile software on the handheld during the next HotSync action.