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"I've used TopSecret for is by far the best app I've ever purchased."
- Dan, Ohio

"TopSecret is a great program !"
- Ed, Switzerland

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In today's world, you probably have dozens of passwords, and remembering them can be a challenge.

TopSecret for Windows and Palm OS devices provides encrypted storage for all your passwords and other sensitive information.

For a complete description of TopSecret, including screen shots, see the product page.

We encourage you to try TopSecret. A Trial version of TopSecret can be downloaded from PalmGear. Just click on the "Get It At PalmGear" image below, and then click on the ".zip" image in the "Download:" section to download a trial version of TopSecret.

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If you are interested in purchasing a full license to TopSecret, just click on the "Buy It" image below. Follow the purchase instructions provided. Ensure that you have downloaded the software from the "Get It At" button above.

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TopSecret Version 3.9a is now available

If you are already a licensed user of TopSecret, upgrades to TopSecret are free of charge. Please visit our Download page for more information.